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To everyone summoned with traffic violations:

I would strongly recommend Street Legal with Jackie in charge, as your traffic defense legal team.

They have proven their proficiency and effectiveness in winning the cases time and time again.

Thanks for a job well done!


Jackie-Needless to say, I could not be more pleased with the results you have garnered on my behalf.

Start to finish, my case was handled with professionalism and competency- a rarity in business it seems these days! I will certainly be in touch should another "instance" occur.

Thanks again,


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Traffic Ticket Defence Toronto Ontario


Traffic Ticket Defence, speeding tickets toronto

Street Legal offers affordable legal defence services for your traffic ticket offence. We are a paralegal firm specializing in defending you in provincial offences court for various traffic ticket offences such as:

  • Speeding
  • Racing
  • Careless Driving
  • Fail to Signal
  • Disobey Stop Sign
  • Fail to Stop at Red Light
  • Fail to Report an Accident
  • Stunt Driving
  • Fail to wear Complete Seatbelt Assembly
  • Operate Motor Vehicle without Insurance

If you plead guilty or automatically pay a Traffic Ticket or Speeding Ticket, you are admitting that you're guilty of the offence.

Any Traffic Ticket on your driving record can significantly affect your insurance rates and you may also be accumulating demerit points which may lead to a licence suspension.

We offer quality representation and affordable fees for your Traffic Ticket. Street Legal strives to provide the very best in court representation for Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Our quality of service, competitive rates and group of licensed paralegals are what make Street Legal, "The Driver's Defence Team".

We can defend any Traffic Ticket Charge in Toronto and Ontario!
Don't leave your traffic ticket to chance, steer it with Street Legal, The Driver's Defence Team Toronto!


Traffic Ticket Charges and First Attendance Meetings

If you receive a traffic ticket, it is now common for the officer to tell you to choose option #2 on the back of the ticket and meet with a prosecutor instead of choosing the trial option.

BEFORE you do this you should know that First Attendance Meetings (now called Early Resolution Meetings) are designed so that the officer is not required to appear in court to show you any evidence. Prosecutors will typically, NOT WITHDRAW CASES! Rather, the prosecutor will likely offer a plea to a lesser charge (for example, no points and a small fine). When you agree to accept this, the charge is automatically applied to your record and a conviction is registered.

A conviction will stay on your record for 3 years and your insurance premium may increase as a result. Insurance companies do NOT look at your demerit points, they focus on how many tickets you have and even one can have a significant impact on your rates! Before pleading guilty to a lesser charge, speak to one of our qualified representatives today for a free, no obligation consultation!

Toronto, Ontario, traffic, tickets Defence

At Street Legal we understand that every traffic ticket case is unique: